Enhance your agency’s services with our white label review management and reputation builder software

White label review software

Trust Vega’s white label review management & online reputation builder was designed from the ground-up so SEO, SEM and digital agencies can brand it as their own.

We provide the software as a service (SaaS) – you provide the branding. You can then use it to take away the grunt work and hassle of providing a “done for you” review and reputation management service, or provide it to your clients as a fully branded “self-service” solution.

Either way, our white label review software lets you provide extra value – giving you even happier clients and more revenue opportunities – without any extra effort.

Get More Reviews For Your Clients

Getting genuine reviews on Google, TripAdvisor, Facebook, TrustPilot and Yell can rapidly build brand trust and broaden your client’s reach.

But contacting their customers over time to build a natural review profile is time-consuming, labour intensive and a privacy minefield.

Our automated followup process helps your clients get genuine reviews for their website, as well as online reviews on the 3rd party sites they care about most – all from a single request.

And as a fully GDPR compliant processor, privacy is fully taken care of, no matter where in the world your clients are.

Trust vega review collection process handles positive reviews as well as negative
Stars in google search

Dominate the SERPS

Google loves websites with fresh, structured content, so adding our review display widgets to your clients website can have a positive impact on their search engine ranking.

Especially as customer success stories often reflect the answers potential customers are searching for.

Our display widgets are fully optimised for SEO, so your clients get a steady stream of fresh, keyword rich content marked up with review Schema.

Build Your Clients Email Lists

We all know “the money’s in the list”, but many businesses don’t have one – especially if they are in retail or rely on passing trade.

Our flexible review collection options mean that however your client does business, you can help them build an email list of customers who would like to hear from them with news and offers.

Build your customer email list
Customer review dashboard

Don’t Leave Cash On The Table

Clients want results, and you’re leaving money on the table if you don’t have all the tools you need in your arsenal to deliver efficiently.

With our white label review management software, your agency can deliver same premium features that businesses pay TrustPilot hundreds of dollars per month for.

You’ll also have the data you need to measure the difference you are making over time.

White-label Review Management FAQ

What is white-label?

White label is where all of our branding is replaced with your own, so that as far as your clients are aware, our white label review management service is 100% provided by you.

How does it work?

You pay a flat annual fee for the white label version of our review management software, which includes hosting, SSL certificate, a Pro level reseller account (so you can collect reviews for yourself) and two free Pro level client accounts you can sell (or use for demos/free trials/testing etc). You can then buy extra client accounts at wholesale pricing, and sell them to your clients at any price you want.

Can we choose how we provide the service to our clients?

Yes. You can either give your client self-service access to their client account, or just use it internally to provide them a completely done-for-you service.

Can I offer a free trial to our clients?

You are 100% in charge of what (if anything) you charge your clients, so you can create free trials of any length you like. You will, however, be charged wholesale pricing for all accounts you have, regardless of whether you are charging your clients for them or not.

Are the review display widgets white label too?

Yes. Our review display widgets will automatically point to your white label version of our system and will be branded with your details. There is also a white label version of our WordPress plugin for your clients to use, hiding the connection to Trust Vega.

Is there a limit to the number of clients I can have?

No. Our cloud based service is designed to scale as you do.

What domain options are there?

Our standard white label review management plan gives you a secure subdomain on our white label domain, which will be branded with your logo and details. This distances your instance from Trust Vega as provider of the service.

e.g. https://youragency.ourwhitelabeldomain.com

Optionally, you can choose our premium white label review management plan, which lets you use your own domain name/subdomain for your whitelabel instance.

e.g. https://app.youragency.com

Who supports our clients?

You do. We remain totally invisible to your clients, and we do not have permission to contact them under any circumstances. We do, however, support YOU, and you get a dedicated account manager who can answer any questions you can’t field yourself.

How many clients do I need to make a profit?

We give you wholesale pricing from your first client account, and our aggressive discounts mean you can be profitable from your first client onwards.

What is the difference between Premium and Standard reseller accounts?

The accounts are pretty much identical. The key difference is that Standard reseller accounts use our whitelabel subdomain, whereas Premium reseller account have a fully custom domain. Because of this, standard accounts are ready almost immediately, whereas premium accounts require some additional setup.

Which plans can I offer to my clients?

You can resell our Pro plan, which has all our available features, and offers 300 monthly email Invites. You can also bundle in our email invite add-ons to make your own bespoke plans. All are available to you at wholesale keystone pricing.

Become a white label reseller today

We recommend you try out our Standard white label reputation management platform, then upgrade to Premium white label when you are ready to go fully white label!


e.g. youragency.ourwhitelabel.com


Fully hosted white label instance
SSL secure certificate
1 x Pro level reseller account
(so you can collect reviews for yourself)
25 x Pro level client accounts
(sell to clients or use for demos/trials etc)
Wholesale pricing for further client accounts
Ready immediately after order


e.g. app.yourdomain.com


Fully hosted white label instance
SSL secure certificate
1 x Pro level reseller account
(so you can collect reviews for yourself)
50 x Pro level client accounts
(sell to clients or use for demos/trials etc)
Wholesale pricing for further client accounts
Requires some additional configuration

Not ready to run your own white label review management service?

Signup for our affiliate program instead. There is no fee, and you earn a generous 30% recurring commission for every client you send us!