The Day Facebook Broke

Rob Woodgate



A week ago today, Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram “broke”.

All over the world, people’s feeds were full of blank pictures.

Photo and video sharing on all platforms just stopped working.

It was hours before Facebook, Inc (who own all three platforms) admitted there was a problem. But by that time, the whole world knew something was up.

And ironically, with all its websites crippled, they had to turn to Twitter to keep people informed as the issue unfolded over the course of the day.

So why am I telling you this?

Well, it just goes to prove the old saying by marketing genius, Dan Kennedy… 

“One is the most dangerous number in business.”

 Yes, social media can be a really useful source of customers.

Yes, you might have a bunch of great reviews on Facebook.

But don’t rely on just one platform or group. Especially one you have no control over.

That’s why, at Trust Vega, we make sure our automated feedback process gets you reviews for your own website first. These become assets that no third party platform can take away from you, and they work by boosting your search engine rankings as well as helping convert visitors into customers.

We also make it simple to get more reviews across the important review platforms – including Google My Business, TripAdvisor, Facebook and Yell – which protects you in case any one of them goes sour.

Think of it as a kind of vaccine that protects your business from catching a cold if one of the big players gets sick.

Get your “shots” right away and get started below.