How to prevent disaster when a member of staff leaves your salon, taking clients with them

Rob Woodgate



Whether you’ve got a hair or beauty salon, one thing is for sure. At some point, you’ll lose a popular member of staff.

And when you do, a bunch of your clients will follow them out the door.

It’s the nature of the beauty business.

After all, clients value having someone they trust. Someone that understands them… that meets their needs. And this creates a strong bond of loyalty to a particular stylist or therapist.

You can’t often predict when a stylist or therapist will up and leave…

But here’s how to minimise the impact of losing clients when they do.

1) Proactively collect reviews with Trust Vega

A review is a little piece of the goodwill created by your staff, all packaged up into a tangible asset. And best of all, that asset belongs to your salon.

The more reviews you get, the stronger your average rating becomes, and the more influence your reviews have to bring in new clients.

A strong average rating also tells prospective new hires that you are serious about attracting talent and making clients happy!

Thing is, if you don’t proactively ask clients… you won’t generally get many reviews!

Trust Vega gives you a predictable and consistent way to capture more client reviews.

So you may lose some clients when a stylist or therapist leaves. But you get to keep all the goodwill they created while working at your salon.

And once a member of staff has a bunch of reviews against their name, it might make them think twice about jumping ship knowing those reviews won’t go with them.

Which brings me neatly to the second point…

2) Display reviews by each staff member

Switching stylist or therapist can be a scary prospect for most clients.

Trust Vega’s tagging system lets you collect and display reviews by staff member on your website (as well as countless other ways).

Showing the reviews each staff member has received lets clients see you have multiple professionals at your salon that are a good fit, and takes away the fear of the unknown.

This not only helps you keep your best clients if someone leaves (see below), but also solves a bunch of scheduling problems when remaining staff go sick or on holiday.

3) Get in touch with affected clients ASAP

It’s far easier and cheaper to keep a client than it is to find a new one

So you can bet that as soon as your ex-staff member gets to their new salon, their old clients will be bombarded with offers to move.

To counteract this, go through the list of clients tagged to them in Trust Vega and start reaching out. This is an ideal time to call them up and:

  • Apologise for the disruption caused by the loss
  • Recommend another member of staff (highlight the staff pages on your website so they can read their reviews and decide for themselves)
  • Offer them some kind of discount, gift card or special offer for the inconvenience

Pro Tip: A client’s previous reviews can help you understand their preferences – so you can tailor your recommendation and offer to each client.

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